I received my CESAcruise. What now?

1. Please first make sure that the following parts are included in your CESAcruise set:

CESAcruise (two gums are around the CESAcruise)



Accessory bag contains 

  o a short and a longer aluminum band

  o two spare rubbers for the CESAcruise

  o an Allen key

  o a rubber backing

  o a quadrangular essay


Before each use of the CESAcruise, please check that there are at least 2 elastic bands strapped around the device. Despite extensive test series and the processing of certified materials, we can not rule out that rubber bands tear. To minimize the risk, we therefore recommend the use of at least two rubber bands. If necessary, you can stretch up to four rubber bands around the CESAcruise.

If your CESAcruise set is incomplete or you notice any other irregularities, we ask you to contact us promptly within one week after delivery.


I have the smartphone X. Is my smartphone compatible with the CESAcruise at all?

The CESAcruise is compatible with a wide variety of smartphone models (from 3 to 6.4 inches display size), e.g. with the "Samsung S3 mini" or even with the "iPhone 6 Plus"! If you are unsure, just send us an email to support [at] sminno.de


How do I attach the included mini adapter to my bike?

To simplify this step, we have put a tutorial video online here. This link will lead you to the appropriate instruction manual.

Operating instructions Mini adapter CESAcruise


My smartphone (without protective cover) has a little too much room for maneuvering in the CESAcruise and shakes it. How do I get a better hold on my phone in CESAcruise?

The supplied replacement rubber can be installed as an additional (third!) Backup next to the two standard straps. It can also be easily put on the frame of your mobile phone, thus ensuring a better grip in the CESAcruise.

A simple silicone cover for your smartphone fixes all slip problems in the CESAcruise.

In our shop under "Accessories" you will now also find our Cruise RAINcover, the rain cover, which together with the CESAcruise prevents any slip problems.


I lost a rubber band or broke it. What can I do?

 Of course every CESAcruise set comes with a replacement rubber. Our product is a certified "LongLife" rubber band.


Can I also install the CESAcruise long since the handlebar bar ideal for the "Landscape Mode"?

Yes! Due to the better shock absorption we recommend the other version in the "normal" mode. The KLICKFIX MINI ADAPTER is pre-assembled for this type of installation

To secure your phone, we therefore recommend the use of the supplied replacement rubber as the third backup tape for the installation in "Landscape Mode".


Is there a CESAcruise mounting adapter for my car as well?

 Yes! Soon the car mount adapter will appear for your CESAcruise.


Can I just listen to music while I am cycling with my CESAcruise and talk on the phone without any fines?

Yes! Telephoning and listening to music on the bike is allowed with a hands-free kit. With the use of the CESAcruise your perception is neither acoustically nor visually limited.

Nevertheless, it continues to be: eyes on the road! Keep your bike safe and wear a helmet, please. And please follow the traffic rules.


How can I use the CESAcruise on my second bike?

 To enable a double use, we offer additional KLICKFIX MINIADAPTERs in our online shop.


Does not the airstream disturb during a telephone call? Do not I have to expect massive noise?

No! we designed the CESAcruise to shield your phone's microphone in any position and protect it from slipstreams. If your speed during a phone call actually exceeds 30 Km / h, we can not 100% guarantee a noiseless conversation.




I received my CESAtube. What now?

1. Please first make sure that the following parts are included in your CESAtube set:

CESAtubeinkl. the fixing rubber attached thereto.

 2. If your CESAtube set is incomplete or if you notice any other irregularities, please contact us within one week after delivery.


I have the smartphone X. Does the CESAtube also fit on my smartphone?

The CESAtube is compatible with all smartphone types whose speakers are installed on the edge or on the back of the smartphone. Yes, these are almost all current models, e.g. the "Samsung S3 mini" or about the "iPhone 6 plus".


 Can I reorder the rubber band?

Yes sure! In our online shop, the fixing gums are available as normal.


How can I best store the CESAtube in my pocket?

Very easily. You can simply put the CESAtube on bag size with the help of your two thumbs. You simply start where the diameter is greatest and invert the funnel until the material is rejuvenated.


How much does the CESAtube amplify the sound of my smartphone?

 Without energy requirements, the CESAtube can amplify the sound of your smartphone to double or triple.


 Manual CESAtube


Can the CESAtube also amplify the sound of my tablet?

In principle, the CESAtube also enhances the sound of your tablet. However, the enclosed rubber fixation was developed for smartphones with a display size of up to 6.4 inches.

But we are working on it! Of course, there will soon be a specially designed for tablet rubber fixation.


Questions about the order / delivery


When does my delivery arrive?

Upon request, the delivery status can be tracked via DHL's tracking system.