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CESAcruise CESAcruise
CESAcruise beyond biking Your smartphone mount for your bike with innovative sound amplification Navigation as usual – with voice announcements that are clearly understood from CruiseUp app. Noise-free Telephoning – microphone from...
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Klickfix Mini-Adapter Klickfix Mini-Adapter
KLICKFIX MINI-ADAPTER You want to use your CESAcruise (not CESAcruise S) on a second bike? Product details: Color: black Manufacturer: Rixen & Kaul Diameter: flexible from 15mm-60mm Attachment: UNIFIT mounting with stainless steel bands...
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CRUISEband - LongLife® CRUISEband - LongLife®
CRUISEBAND - LONGLIFE® To ensure maximum quality, we use LongLife® rubber bands for our CESAcruise S. Material: High Resistance: absolutely ageing resistant; resistant against environmental influences such as weather, UV-rays, common...
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RAINcover CESAcruise S RAINcover CESAcruise S
Cruise RAINcover The optimal rain protection cover for bad weather During rainy days it's a common goal for cyclist to stay dry and its as important for your smartphone. With the CESAcruise S Raincover your smart phone will stay 100 %...
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PhoneFix PhoneFix
PhoneFix Strong and Durable Suitable for handlebars with up to 38mm in diameter, mountable on stem or handlebar depending on user preference. Glass fibre reinforced nylon ensures for added stiffness and durability. Adjustable angle for...
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FrontFix FrontFix
FrontFix Elegant front view display The Lightweight aluminum CNC machined adjustable mount bracket is ideal for road bike use or for riders who care to have their Bicycle Cockpit more in front of the handlebar. With nylon bracket insert...
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SpacerFix SpacerFix
SpacerFix Optimal Central Viewing For a sleeker and more simplistic mounting bracket ideal for mountain biking. Fits 1 1/8" steerer tubes underneath the head cap. This mounting bracket ensures that your smartphone stays safely attached...
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CESAcruise S CESAcruise S
CESAcruise S Your smartphone mount with innovative sound amplification. No risk of a fine for phoning on the bike. The combination of CESAcruise S and CruiseUp offers you a fully functional AI-Cockpit system. We recommend, for a full...
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CESAtube CESAtube
CESAtube amplify emotion CESAtube smartphone amplifier is an analogous, collapsible portable speaker perfect for in- and outdoor activities. With this pocket sized speaker, you set the tone! A simple and fast way to boost the volume of...
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